Local Elections Candidates Must Commit to Supporting Town Centres

Wexford TownWexford Chamber has  called on Local Elections candidates to make a commitment to supporting Wexford Town Centre.

Speaking this morning, Wexford Chamber President, Martin Doyle,  said “If our economic recovery is to be successful, it must be sustainable at a local level. Town centres around the country, and the businesses within them, have consistently suffered due to the development of large out of town shopping centres, excessive commercial rates and high car parking charges.”

“One of the biggest issues for businesses at the heart of town centres is competition with large out of town commercial centres that offer free or low cost parking. How are businesses in town centres to remain competitive if their customers are forced to pay extortionately high parking charges set by the Council or private operators? Candidates, if elected, must make it their priority to set parking charges at a fair rate that do not place local businesses at a disadvantage.”

“Similarly, the introduction of a rates reduction for companies located within town and city centres, which provide much needed employment and contribute to the quality of life in these areas, would have a considerable impact on retailers. Providing support for small businesses through these measures can be the difference between these businesses remaining viable and ceasing to trade,” he concluded.