National Childcare Scheme – Information for Parents

Budget 2017 announced the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) as  means to provide financial support for parents towards the cost of childcare. 
This new Scheme will replace the existing targeted childcare programmes with a single, streamlined and more user-friendly scheme and will include “wraparound‟ care for pre-school and school-age children. Once launched, this scheme will:

  • improve outcomes for children,
  • reduce poverty,
  • facilitate labour activation and,
  • tangibly reduce the cost of childcare for tens of thousands of families.

In the meantime supports are available to make childcare more affordable for your family.

The families of 80,000+ children are currently receiving supports, including universal supports of up to €1,040 for children under 3 and up to €145 per week for children aged up to 15 in families that need it most.

Fpr further information on the scheme, click here.