Celebrating Success at New Ross Networking Event!

County Wexford Chamber held a very successful lunchtime networking event in New Ross on Tuesday, February 27.

The event brought together an incredible mix of professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, creating a vibrant atmosphere for meaningful connections and collaboration.

Key Highlights:

Diverse Networking Opportunities: Attendees had the chance to connect with professionals from various industries, fostering a rich environment for idea exchange and business growth.
Engaging Conversations: The energy in the room was palpable as participants engaged in insightful conversations, sharing experiences, and exploring potential collaborations.
Delicious Cuisine: A special shoutout to the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience for providing a delightful culinary experience, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the networking session.
Community Building: It was heartening to witness the strong sense of community spirit, with participants actively supporting each other’s ventures and initiatives.
Speaker Insights: Our featured speaker, Sean Connick, chairperson of County Wexford Chamber’s New Ross District Committee, outlined developments in New Ross. He also charted the development of the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience, with exciting developments in the pipeline.

A Big Thank You! A heartfelt thank you to all the attendees, speakers, and sponsors who made this event a success. Your enthusiasm and support are the driving force behind these gatherings.