shop local win win

Wexford Chamber with the support of the Wexford People launched the “Shop Local Vouchers” in July 2013. This initiative is proving to be very popular among Wexford consumers and Wexford businesses with over 100 businesses accepting the Shop Local Vouchers in exchange for goods. Wexford Retailers came out tops this Christmas when over €40,000 of Wexford Chamber Shop Local Vouchers was circulated around town.  Bought locally but more importantly spent locally.

One local Wexford business rewarded their staff with Wexford Chamber Shop Local Vouchers.   Not only did their money go straight back into the local economy  but over half of the Shop Local Vouchers were spent in their very own business by their own members of staff.  It was a win win situation for this business and additionally they benefitted from the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme.

“Wexford Chamber are delighted to see this new initiative for the town proving to be so popular and I hope that people will continue to support and value our local shops and businesses so that our hard earned money will keep pumping around the local economy” said Madeleine Quirke, CEO Wexford Chamber.  “Keeping our shops open for business and supporting local jobs has to be a priority for all of us.”

Before you click to finalise your online purchase, Wexford Chamber is asking all consumers to stop and acknowledge the hard fact that local traders need our support.    Whether we are looking for a wedding gift, a birthday present or a gift for any celebration, buy  Shop Local Vouchers and keep spend in Wexford

Wexford Chamber Shop Local Vouchers come in denominations of €10, €25 and €50.  The vouchers are presented in a very attractive purpose-designed sleeve and are on sale all year round.  Vouchers can be purchased at Wexford Chamber Offices, Hill Street, Wexford and at Eircom/Meteor South Main Street, Wexford.  For more information see

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