What is it?

As darkness sweeps around the world on November 13th, 25,000 people in 50 cities will get up from their armchairs, slip on their red flashing armbands and pull on their running shoes to hit the road for Run in the Dark. Together, from Sydney to San Francisco, these people will light up the night as they hit the road to run in the dark. And, you can be part of it – wherever you are in the world!

Why are we doing it?

Unbroken by blindness in 1998, adventure athlete Mark Pollock was left paralysed in 2010. Now, he is exploring the intersection where humans and technology collide and catalysing collaborations that have never been done before to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

Through Run in the Dark, Mark Pollock aims to inspire people to build resilience and collaborate with others so that, together, they achieve more than they thought possible. For some that means gathering a group of friends or colleagues to train hard and get fit with a 5k or 10k run. For others it means building a team of experts to perform better.

At the Mark Pollock Trust, it means supporting Mark to deal with the ongoing physical, psychological and financial impact of his catastrophic spinal cord injury, while also allowing him to pursue his personal mission to cure paralysis in our lifetime

How can you get involved?

Join us at Run in the Dark Wexford and test yourself against runners of all levels through some of the scenic sites of Wexford town!

The run in Wexford is championed by Karl Fitzpatrick, head of the Wexford Rotary Club.

Each participant will receive a flashing armband and exclusive Run in the Dark buff.

Sound promising?

Sign up at www.runinthedark/wexford

How your company can get involved:

Every year lots of companies use Run in the Dark as part of their wellness programmes, staff development or simply as a way of getting together socially. Here’s how you can get your company involved:

  • Ask us for our info pack to help you get your friends and colleagues to join you at Run in the Dark.
  • Contact us to learn more about our discount for prepaid teams of 10 or more.
  • Let us support you build a fundraising campaign based on what others have done previously.

For more information contact: