Shonagh doesn’t miss a Beat with Breakfast presenter slot

Broadcaster Shonagh Lyons is the queen of morning radio in the region having been promoted to the new Beat FM morning show alongside Niall Power on Beat FM.


As of Monday, the Wexford native is on ‘Beat Breakfast with Niall and Sho’ every day for three hours. With a catchy tagline ‘wake up with your mates’, the show will provide the duo’s trademark light start to the day.


Shonagh has been a big hit with Beat audiences since starting with the Waterford-based media company in 2016. She has a four-hour Saturday show and was a regular guest on the former morning show as a contributor.


‘The tradition formerly was that there were three presenters so this is a new departure. I’m ready for it and having worked on TV early in the mornings I love working early as you are getting people at the best time of the time,’ Shonagh said.


Having worked at Beat headquarters throughout successive lockdowns, Shonagh said she is looking forward to being part of one of the station’s most listened to shows. ‘I love the back and forth dynamic presenters have. There’ll be a feeling that listeners can tune in and hang out with us. You can’t fake chemistry so it helps that Niall and I are friends. We’ll be like Ant & Dec! we’ll be pushing each other’s buttons and be having a laugh together. We absolutely need to kick-start this with good vibes because the last 18 months has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone.’


She said entertaining people; whether they are in their car or at home, is the priority. Shonagh said ‘We’re moving  on from the worst of covid. We’ll be starting out in September which marks a time of change every year and from 7 a.m. till 10 a.m. people can tune in and have a laugh. There is something funny about breakfast radio. You have to be on straight away and have that energy because that is what they want.’


With an audience of mainly 15 to 35 year olds, Sho and Niall will be ensuring listeners feel good about themselves. Fans of The Daily Dilemma will be happy that it’s being kept on and Shonagh, for one, is looking forward to hearing classic responses.