Shop Local, Shop Wexford

WexChamberPaperPosterA4The Perfect Way to Give Your Staff a Christmas Bonus this Year!

In 2013 Wexford Chamber took the decision to embrace a local voucher project to support the retail sector which was under severe pressure from the big shopping centres, particularly in Dublin.  Now in our second year, the vouchers are selling like hot cakes and to date almost €100,000 have been sold.

Wexford Chamber CEO Madeleine Quirke cannot underestimate the effect that choices we make has on our local economy.  “Every Euro we spend locally has a multiplier effect in our community that benefits us and the local economy.  The temptation to travel further afield for perceived savings may be there in many people’s minds but Wexford Chamber believe that these so-called savings are not beneficial for our town where we all live and work” said Madeleine.

“The importance of encouraging local spend is fully supported by our local newspaper the Wexford People who have sponsored this project” added Madeleine.  “Their support has enabled us to produce beautifully designed vouchers in denominations of €10, €25 and €50 which are presented in a purpose-designed sleeve.  A fabulous gift for anybody to receive.”

Wexford Chamber Shop Local Vouchers are DIFFERENT!!!  Vouchers can  be spent in any shop displaying the ‘Wexford Chamber Shop Local Vouchers Accepted Here’ sign and with  over 100 shops participating there is a wide choice of purchases and services ranging from clothing, jewellery, beauty, hospitality, car and household fuel and much more. 

The  perfect Christmas present for family and friends while allowing them the freedom to choose where and what they buy.  Our shops cater for everybody and a busy and interesting town will attract private, voluntary and public sector services which in turn help to support and create jobs. 

If you are an employer, under the Revenue Commissioners ‘Small Benefit Exemption’ scheme, you can provide employees with a non cash benefit up to the value of €250 once in every tax year.  This is exempt from Income Tax, Universal  Social Charge (USC) and employee and employer’s PRSI.  The Wexford Chamber Shop Local Voucher is an ideal way of suing the Small Benefit Exemption to reward employees as this does not apply to cash or cheques. 

Vouchers are a practical and efficient way to encourage local shopping this Christmas.  Vouchers have to be spent locally.  A practical gift that will encourage and support our retail sector which in turn means supporting local jobs and the livelihoods of many in our town.

Michael Hayes, a local retailer, said    “it is vital that Wexford people use these vouchers and spend within our community.  I am full of praise for Wexford Chamber and the effort they are putting into this initiative and am delighted to support them in whatever way I can.”

If you are interested in accepting the Wexford Chamber Shop Local Vouchers in your business please contact Catherine D’Arcy at 053-9122226 email