Useful Q & A Covid19 payment – Information for Employers

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Our dedicated phone line for #COVID19 payment queries is open today from 9am to 5pm: 01-2481398 / 1890-800-024.

Please do not go in to your local Intreo Centre if at all possible

COVID-19 Information for Employers and Employees is available online here

  1. Our colleagues in the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have confirmed that the scheme is currently being finalised and more information for employers can be found at This link will be updated when the full details of the refund scheme for employers is available.

Please see below information from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Q & A in relation to Refund of €203 per employee per week for employers who continue to pay their staff if they have had to close their business due to effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q 1. Can self-employed receive this payment if so how?

Yes a self-employed person can apply for the Covid-19 payment. They can download the form online and return by post. The application form can be found at the following link.

Q2. What rate will part-time people receive

A.   Where someone working part time is let go they may be entitled to the new Covid-19 payment at a rate of €203 per week for a period of up to 6 week maximum. The person will have to make a Jobseekers payment as soon as possible but before the 6 week Covid-19 payment ceases. Details on this payment and how to apply can be found at the link below. If the person is working part time and already receiving another payment they should still submit the application for consideration.

Q3. Do people working on a Stamp 2 or Stamp 4 basis qualify

A.   Yes, people with a Stamp 2 and Stamp 4 can apply for the COVID Emergency payment for 6 weeks.

Q4. What is the mechanism for reclaiming the amounts and at what intervals do they need to apply for a repayment.  What paper work do they need to maintain and provide to Intreo and/or other agency to demonstrate the qualifying payment?

A. The final details of the scheme are being worked out and expected to be announced very shortly and this information and other relevant information for employers can be found at the link below

Q5. If employers retain staff on full pay are they entitled to reclaim a contribution of €203 from the state?

A. Yes where a business has temporarily ceased trading due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandamic and continue to pay staff on full rate of pay they will be entitled to claim the refund at a rate of €203 per employee per week.

Q6. If it transpires that an employee doesn’t have sufficient stamps to claim job seekers allowance will employers have to absorb the non-refundable elements. 

A. No, where an employer continues to pay employees they will receive the rate of €203 per employee per week regardless of the outcome of any jobseeker claim. Where a claimant does not have the necessary stamps for Jobseeker’s benefit they can apply for Jobseeker’s allowance which is a means tested payment. All applications for jobseeker’s can be made online.