Westgate Design –Family Business that Continues to Excel  

Who would have thought, even a few years ago, that the “small shop” would be enjoying such a comeback. Well thanks to Catherine, Leonard, Darron and Keith Jordan and their vision for Westgate Design on the Main Street in Wexford, this particular “small shop” is thriving and has grown exponentially over the past number of years.  A family run enterprise that has adapted, diversified, grown and firmly embedded itself into the very fabric of Wexford Town and our vibrant Main Street. Westgate is now a “must-see” feature of our town.

Westgate Design encompasses a vast array of offerings. From the Design and Gift Shop to the recently refurbished fabulous Deli, to Skincare and Beauty, Event Catering, and Artisan Foods and all delivered with the renowned Jordan family touch.

The Business After Hours event last Thursday, organised by Wexford Chamber and hosted by Westgate Design, attracted a large number of business people from the town and beyond.  Speaking at the event Chamber President Martin Doyle said “Wexford Chamber is all about supporting, developing and promoting business in Wexford. At present we are working closely with Retail Excellence Ireland and Wexford County Council in an effort to revitalise Wexford’s Retail Experience.” “Firm plans are in train to radically improve both the visitor and shopping experience not only on Main Street but also on our beautiful and historic quay front. In recent months we have met with several delegations from both multi-national and Irish indigenous business interests with a view to filling the happily reducing number of empty properties in our town” he added.

Guests relaxed in the beautifully designed restaurant/cafeteria area of Westgate and as they enjoyed the best of wine, staff wandered through the crowd offering tastes of what is undoubtedly a wonderfully colourful and exciting menu.  Lamb Tagine with Citrus Cous Cous, Chicken & Chorizo Risotto, Warm Asian Salad with Pan Seared Hake Fillet and Falafel with Cucumber Taziki were enjoyed by everybody and then nobody in the house could possibly not be tempted by the most delicious of desserts.

Keith Jordan spoke of the family’s commitment to buy local and to, wherever possible, use local services.  “I believe that by working together we can accomplish so much.  Retailers must not fear competition and should welcome new business into the town.  Big brands will only increase footfall and are the difference between somebody choosing Wexford over another shopping destination” he said.

Wexford Chamber strives to attract real, relevant, individual and eclectic businesses to create diversity and interest in our town. “Indeed if you were looking for a business model and ethic to assist with this rejuvenation I think you would find all that you need under this roof with the Jordan family and Westgate Design” concluded Martin.