Wexford pilots a Paddy’s Day Peace-Up


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day, build peace and a world free from violence

Shamrock Appeal


Wexford is the setting for the pilot of an exciting new approach to celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The idea is to harness the event as a positive celebration of living peacefully in a world free from violence. The pilot in Wexford will guide the development of a countrywide launch in 2017.


As part of the celebrations, funds will be raised to support practical projects in Ireland and overseas working to build peace and free our world from violence.


Seven Wexford schools are involved in the pilot, with some planning “Paddy’s Peace Walls”, with the students’ own messages of peace.


Well-known local hotels (Kelly’s, the Talbot, Whitford and Ferrycarrig) also plan to give their guests a special Shamrock welcome in the days leading up to St Patrick’s Day with special gifts or events.


The Wexford Chamber is providing support and encouragement.

There is a strong Wexford contingent involved in the Shamrock Foundation team, including John Atkinson (Irish Homeminders); John Browne (former TD); Éamonn Buttle (South East Radio); Gemma Ferris (student); Micheal Londra (singer);  James O’Connor (Greenacres) and Colm Tóibín (author). The founder is Bobby Lambert of Crossabeg, Wexford, a past-pupil of St Peter’s College.   Bobby has spent over 30 years working in development and humanitarian action.

If you would like to join in this pilot peace initiative, then all you have to do is celebrate in your own way, organise an event, wear something green, post a message of peace on Facebook, twitter or snapchat. And of course, like us on Facebook (Shamrock Appeal) and Tweet about us.  And then share your experience with us and sign up for 2017.


The focus this year is on celebration rather than fundraising.  However, if anyone wishes to donate this year, then the Foundation has identified 2 worthy causes:

SafeIreland (working to end domestic violence in Ireland) http://www.safeireland.ie


Peace Committees in the strife-torn Central African Republic.  These committees are working to foster dialogue between the various religious groups.  Funding will be channelled through Conciliation Resources, a highly respected NGO based in London. http://www.c-r.org/news-and-views/stories/central-african-women-have-great-role-play-national-peacebuilding


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