World Economic Survey: World Economic Climate Continues to Brighten

world economic survey

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Ireland has today (13/02/14) welcomed the results of the Ifo World Economic Survey, which indicates that the six month outlook global economic situation remains bright.

Speaking this morning, Ian Talbot, ICC Ireland Secretary General said, “Using a range of indicators, the Ifo has concluded that the world economy will continue to gain momentum in the coming year and particularly that the economic recovery in the euro area will become more marked in the coming months. Given the extent to which Ireland’s recovery is tied to European and global conditions, this can only be good news for Irish businesses.”

“The survey also specifically indicates that Ireland’s economic situation has improved somewhat in the last quarter which is encouraging given that similarly recession hit countries such as Spain and Greece showed little change. While our economy is improving slowly, Government must continue to strive to strengthen our recovery by producing a business environment and creating business supports that will allow all companies, large and small, to continue to grow and create much needed jobs.” he concluded