Your Wellness Summit: Connecting your head & heart for focus and fulfilment

Health is true wealth. We all know this – but due to the busy science age, we have no time to look after ourselves.  After studying various methods and techniques, and learning and experiencing what works to rejuvenate our mind and body, Spiritual Earth’s CEO, Calodagh McCumiskey is organising this unique programme for people of all ages.   

The ‘Your Wellness Summit‘  takes you on a journey towards ‘total wellness’.   The two hour zoom-summit will introduce you to a team of global experts from different areas of business and life and they will share their practical experience.  

This will give you a special experience of life and the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, hear other peoples stories and learn techniques and strategies to help you better navigate through the challenges of daily life.  

Participants will learn how to enhance focus and connection so they can be productive, make the best of opportunities and communicate clearly, and authentically.

Together, the speakers will help you envisage a life that is aligned to your purpose so you can fulfil your goals – with less stress.  You will see how you can be more resilient focused, connected, productive, effective and happier.

In this age, we can succeed in life on the back of over-stress and burnout – or by living a balanced fulfilling life.  Success based on over-stress and burnout is short lived and not fulfilling.  It is not worth the cost.   The summit will set you up to have the space and mindset to achieve your goals and fulfil your responsibilities whilst enjoying wellness.
The session will be recorded.  The recording of the event will be shared with everyone who registers in case they cannot attend the live session – and so they can watch again.  


Your Wellness Summit: schedule

3pm: Calodagh McCumiskey – How to stay positively focussed with all the doom and gloom 

3.30pm: Maria Morgan – My story of burnout and recovery

3.50 pm: Calodagh McCumiskey – Relaxation and meditation break

4.05pm:  Jim Frawley – Adapting to change and building resilience

4.30pm: Gina London – How to have difficult conversations Closing remarks

5.00 Event ends

The session will be recorded. The recording of the event will be shared with everyone who registers in case they cannot attend the live session – and so they can watch again.