Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing & Digital Media Academic Year 2019-2020


 Details for Employers

The Bachelor of Arts (H) in Marketing and Digital Media is a full-time four year degree programme, which prepares students for employment in marketing in the digital age.  The first two semesters (Year 1) consist of general marketing and business modules, following which, students study specific marketing, advertising & media modules from semesters 3 – 8 (2nd – 4th Year). 

*Students also undertake a period of Work Placement in Semester 7 which covers the first half of the final year 4.

The 2019/2020 Placement Programme process commences in January 2019 and the actual placements begin in June 2019 for a period of at least 15 weeks and up to a maximum of 6 months.  Students return to college in January 2020.

During work placement, the performance of the students is monitored and appraised both by the employer and the School of Business.  Each student is assigned a WIT mentor, a senior lecturer or a member of the work placement team, and the employer appoints a work supervisor. Students are required to keep a learning log and have this signed and verified by both the work supervisor and their WIT mentor.  Without the employer’s signature on the log, the student cannot pass the semester.  The WIT mentor will visit the student and their work supervisor at least once during the work placement.  

*Many organisations offer remuneration to students at minimum wage level, although some companies offer a training allowance and a few placements cover expenses. 

 The process that we normally follow for placements is:

  1. The employer supplies details of the work placement position (a job description or some bullet points, together with location, start date, duration and remuneration offered).
  2. If there are no students matching the criteria from point 1, we also advertise the position internally on the student moodle portal to promote interest.
  3. We send the employer the applicants’ CVs by e-mail and the employer decides on who they would like to interview.
  4. The interviews normally take place at WIT, but they can be held at the employer’s premises or another location.
  5. The employer advises the work placement office who they wish to employ.
  6. We convey the job offer to the student(s) and they communicate directly with the employer from then on, including agreement on a start date.  Students must accept the first job they are offered.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to telephone or e-mail us;

Fiona Travers                                            +353 51 306153

Business Placement             


BA (H) in Marketing and Digital Media– Course Outline
Semester 1  – Year 1 Semester 2  – Year 1
Semester 3  – Year 2 Semester 4  – Year 2
Semester 5  – Year 3 Semester 6  – Year 3
Semester 7  – Year 4 Semester 8  – Year 4
Introduction to Marketing Professional Oral Communications
ICT Skills 1 The Macroeconomic Environment
Introduction to Management Introduction to Business Law
Market Pricing Marketing Mix
The Macroeconomic Environment Organisational Behaviour
Introduction to Statistics Social Media Technologies
Market Research Theory Accounting for Non Specialist
Direct & Database Marketing Print Media Advertising
Commercial Law Business to Business Marketing
Digital Media The Consumer Environment
Consumer Psychology Marketing Research Practice
Introduction to Advertising Advertising Comm Mix
Financial Management Strategic Public Relations
Advertising Message & Media International Marketing
Web Development Services Marketing Theory
Customer Relationship Mgt Web Design
Digital Creativity and Design Digital Media Advertising
*Sports Marketing (elective) *Professional Selling Skills (elective)
*Marketing Advertising Project 1 (elective) *Marketing Advertising Project 2 (elective)
* elective module, student must pick one *Marketing/Adv Project 2 (elective)
  * elective module, student must pick one
Work placement or Study Abroad Strategic Brand Management
  Digital Marketing
  SEO & Analytics
  Global Strategic Marketing
  Marketing Challenge
  *Social Marketing (elective)
  *Corporate Strategy (elective)
  * elective module, student must pick one