Ireland’s global footprint continues to grow with Ministers’ St. Patrick’s Day missions

Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Chambers Ireland welcomes the beginning of a series of international missions across the globe, which will take place throughout next week.

Commenting today (12 March 2019) Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said,

“In these uncertain times, it is crucial that Ireland continues to be outward-looking and actively seeks to build upon the work of previous Governments in promoting Ireland abroad, both as a place to invest in and do business with.

Ireland’s global footprint gets larger every year and these trips are an excellent example of economic diplomacy.

The global awareness and familiarity with St. Patrick’s Day presents us with a truly unique opportunity to promote the country.

While our relationships with the US and the UK, the traditional homes of the Irish diaspora, will always be among our closest, we welcome the forging of new partnerships in countries of strategic importance to the Irish economy.

Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Argentina and Canada are all countries that hold great opportunities for Irish business, particularly arising from successfully completed EU trade deals.

We welcome this vital work from Government both this year and in the future.”

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