Welcome to the new era in bodibro! We are a high performance unique teamwear company specialising in custom kits for all sports & off-field apparel. Bodibro is one of Ireland’s largest sportswear suppliers to GAA clubs, LGFA clubs, camogie clubs, soccer clubs, rugby clubs and colleges in Ireland.


Team bodibro has taken on a mission to blur the lines between sportswear and street style. We are challenging Irish clubs to choose bespoke styles with a sense of meaning behind their teamwear. We want to give clubs an opportunity to tell their personal story through their own distinctive designs. Once we understand what our customers want we ensure to bring the tangible to life.


We have a picture to the right of our “Round Towers Lusk GAA Club” training jersey. Our designers are inspired to create value behind every clubs teamwear range. One of our designers discovered that the key to unlock the story of Round Towers Lusk would be to incorporate the actual Round tower in the community into their range.


Our designer visited this tower and traced the brick wall and finally added some effect to the pattern  to bring to bring it to life. These innovative ideas are the missing pieces of our customers puzzles, that we want to help you piece together for your club.


If the heritage and concept of your club/company/college/school matters to you, bodibro is the company for you. However, if you would simply prefer a really simple or unique design we can also cater for you too. 


Website: Bodibro