Brexit Readiness Checker

Brexit Readiness Checklist


The Brexit Readiness Checklist highlights some of the key actions that businesses can take to get ready for the changes Brexit will bring. The checklist includes links to the relevant agencies who can provide the necessary guidance and support to businesses. Click Here to access the Brexit Readiness Checklist.


Six Steps to Preparing your Business


Brexit will affect all companies, big and small, moving goods to, from or through the UK, excluding Northern Ireland. If you don’t take steps to prepare, your trade will be disrupted from January 1st. Further details are available in the government’s Brexit Readiness Action Plan.

The Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland means that separate arrangements apply on the island of Ireland and no new checks or controls will apply to goods moving between Ireland and Northern Ireland in either direction.


Step 1: Customs

Step 2: Other Controls

Step 3: Product Compliance

Step 4: Supply Chain

Step 5: Financial Management

Step 6: Other Considerations