How to Prepare for Brexit

On 1 January 2021, the UK left the EU and will no longer apply the rules of the Single Market and Customs Union. This means that any business, regardless of size, who moves goods from, to or through Great Britain will be subject to a range of new customs formalities and other regulatory requirements.

It is important to note that these changes will not apply with respect to trade in goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland will apply from 1 January and provides that the Union Customs Code will continue to apply to and in Northern Ireland.


Stay Up to Date




Readiness Action Plan

The Brexit Readiness Action Plan sets out the steps that businesses and individuals should consider in order to be ready for Brexit. Click HERE for further information.


Brexit and Business


Brexit and You


Brexit and You: Northern Ireland



Take Action



Follow these steps to get your Business Brexit Ready:


  1. Understand the new rules for trading with the UK
  2. Review your supply chain
  3. Be aware of possible changes to transport and logistics
  4. Using the UK Landbridge
  5. Ensure you are maximising Government Brexit Advisory, Financial and Upskilling Supports
  6. Review all your certification, regulation and licencing
  7. review your contracts and data management
  8. manage your cash flow, currency and make sure your banking is in order
  9. protect and inform your staff