Celtic Link Ferries and Giro D’Italia

Wexford based ferry company Celtic Link Ferries are delighted to be supporting the 2014 Giro D’Italia which is taking place in Belfast in 2014. Earlier this week Celtic Link Ferries transported a fleet of Volkswagon vehicles between Rosslare and Cherbourg who later went on to drive to Naples in Italy where the event is taking place this year.

celtic link giro D'ItaliaGiro D’Italia will be taking place over three days (10-12 May 2014) and its route will run between Belfast, Armagh and Dublin. Estimates suggest that the event will cost in the region of €5,000,000 to host and the same report suggests that it will make a positive economic impact to the value of €12,000,000.

“Celtic Link Ferries are delighted to be involved with this great event which will be the focus of the entirety of Europe” says Tourist Passenger Manager, Rory McCall. “We are a perfect fit for something like this” Mr. McCall went on to say. “Celtic Link Ferries will give intending passengers the best value means of travelling between Europe and Ireland with a vehicle”.

Giro D’Italia will be in its 97th edition and the event has the backing of both NITB and Tourism Ireland.