Chambers Ireland Weekly Digest: 10th April

  1. Supporting Rural Micro Enterprises

Irish Rural Link under Erasmus+ are running a two year programme which will deliver innovative and supportive online education tools for entrepreneurs and craft leaders in rural areas. Micro and craft type enterprises, can benefit from this programme in terms of increased access to improved support services to empower them to cope better with the challenges of economic crises, explore new opportunities for growth and participate fully in the EU Single Market.

The idea behind MICRO is to sustain the growth and competitiveness of rural micro-enterprises by developing practical online training resources and a dedicated Open Educational Resource.

They are now looking for small businesses that are interested in the following areas to join the programme:

  • Learning  new skills & making fresh contacts
  • Gaining access to the wider European markets
  • Learning how EU wide tools and resources can benefit their business
  • Gaining market share globally through exporting
  • Finding a pathway for their product in the Euro Zone

For the first 200 businesses that sign up to participate in this programme, IRL will provide access to free face-to-face mentoring in the new modules developed as well as the potential to network with businesses taking part in the project across six European countries. In return we ask that they commit to completing the attached short survey, attend 1 national seminar, 1 locally held information seminar, and take the odd telephone call over the life of the programme (2 Years).

Apply at:

As part of IRL’s Annual Conference, ‘Micro Enterprise – A Key to Rural Employment’, (5th May ) they will be offering an opportunity to 20 participants to avail of a free stand in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone.

  1. Employers Disability Information Service – Seminar with UK Business Disability Forum

Lessons for Ireland from UK Business Disability Forum  –  an information seminar hosted by the National Disability Authority will take place on 27 April 2017, 10am-4pm at Enterprise Ireland, East Point Dublin. Chambers Ireland, along with ISME and Ibec will participate in the seminar as part of the Employers Disability Information Service Consortium.

We would like to invite all chambers members and businesses who are interested in learning more about the employment of people with disabilities or retention of employees with disabilities to come along to the seminar to find out more and to raise any questions you may have. We encourage chambers to share this with members that may be interested.

Brendan Roche from the UK’s Business Disability Forum will be leading the seminar to discuss how they work with employers and the benefits of peer networking. The seminar will address the key barriers and aids to the retention of employees with disabilities and will provide an overview of the guidance for employers and how it is developed.

Those interested in attending the seminar please contact to register or for more information. If Chambers or Chamber members have any issues relating to disability provision that they would like to raise in confidence please contact the Employers Disability Information Service for more information.

  1. ICC WCF 10th World Chambers Congress, 19-21 September 2017

Co-organised by the ICC World Chambers Federation and a selected chamber of commerce, the ICC WCF World Chambers Congress is the premier event of its kind bringing together chamber, business and government figures alike. Now in its 10th edition, this flagship event is much more than just a chamber’s gathering.

The 10th World Chambers Congress, co-organised with the Sydney Business Chamber, will be held in Sydney, Australia from 19-21 September 2017.

With over 1,000 international delegates from over 110 countries and territories, the Congress addresses some of the most significant and current global issues from sustainability and diversity challenges to slowing global trade and digital growth. In convening the globe’s most prominent leaders and brightest minds, we aim to transform the future of business.

Featuring renowned speakers from all over the world, Congress delegates will benefit from first-hand knowledge and diverse perspectives throughout the event’s extensive three-day programme. What’s more, with both formal and informal occasions to develop networks, the Congress is the ideal place to establish institutional ties and promote trade and investment opportunities from attending companies, countries and regions.

Under the umbrella of the Congress, the World Chambers Competition recognises the best projects developed by chambers of commerce around the world. This is an excellent opportunity for chambers worldwide to showcase their innovations – the deadline for projects has been extended for applications until 04 May find out more about the World Chambers competition here

  1. DJEI Survey on CSR Activities in Ireland

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been practised by companies large and small throughout Ireland for many years. It is evidenced in the support by businesses for local clubs and charities, in the provision of workplace training and employment opportunities, in good workplace practices and in businesses’ impact on the environment.

In many cases these activities are simply part of how companies engage on a daily basis with their customers, their staff or their local communities. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) sees CSR and responsible business practices as being key to the reputation and success of Irish businesses in an increasingly competitive environment.

DJEI has commissioned Research Matters, a Tipperary based research company, to carry out a baseline study of the extent of these good practices across Irish businesses. This research will contribute to the preparation by DJEI of Ireland’s second National Plan on CSR.

As part of this research businesses are being asked to complete a questionnaire which should take no more than ten minutes of your time.

Please click on this link to access the questionnaire. 

If you would like more information on this CSR research project, please visit the DJEI’s CSR website by clicking or contact Research Matters via the details below.

  1. Fáilte Ireland – Tourism Impact Bulletin

Fáilte Ireland recently published a Tourism Impact Bulletin today highlighting the economic importance of tourism.

Interesting facts include:

  • Tourism is a €7bn industry with overseas tourists generating almost €5bn
  • Every €1m of tourist expenditure helps to support 29 more jobs;
  • Ireland welcomed 8m international tourists in 2016 – almost two (1.7) overseas tourists for every member of our population;
  • Every 1,000 additional tourists support 14 jobs in the tourism sector.

Download the full Tourism Impact Bulletin here

  1. Employers Disability Information Service – Job Vacancy

HR & Disability Project Manager/ NPO Sector

Specified Purpose Contract

The role as Project manager for this non for profit service is to promote the service, drive initiatives in collaboration with the consortium partners and act as the broker between employers and disability subject matter experts throughout Ireland.

Read the full job description and requirements here and apply online at APPLY

Employer Disability Information is an equal opportunities employer. Applications would be particularly welcome from persons with disabilities who meet the job requirements.

For more information or to be considered for this role please contact Niamh on 01-6762014 or

  1. Questionnaire on the service demand for European Centres of Research & Innovation in Brazil, China and the United States.

The European Union is funding the projects CEBRABIC, ERICENA and NearUS which are to establish European Research and Innovation Centres in Brazil, China and the United States respectively.

These Centres will provide a range of services to support collaboration in research, innovation and business to customers such as European SMEs and start-ups, research and technology organisations, universities and national and regional authorities.

The three projects are conducting a survey to gain a better understanding of the needs of prospective European customers and ecosystem stakeholders when collaborating or partnering with research, innovation and business support organisations from Brazil, China and/or the United States. This will help the Centres to design and offer an efficient set of tailor-made services.

 Please reply to the survey by clicking here

In case you require additional information, please send an email to