European Parliament Support for TTIP Good News for Business

Wexford Chamber welcomes the positive result coming from Strasbourg where the European Parliament showed strong support for the TTIP negotiations, with a significant majority voting in favour of adopting the International Trade Committee recommendations on the trade deal.
Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland said, “There are enormous opportunities for Irish businesses, large and small, should a trade deal between the EU and US be agreed. The result in the European Parliament today shows the significant support for this trade deal amongst European elected representatives. This follows extensive revisions taking account of the many concerns raised by civic society and is an excellent example of effective democracy. It is now up to the negotiators to achieve a deal that is in the best interests of businesses and citizens alike. With the tenth round of negotiations opening next week, we encourage both negotiating teams to press ahead to conclude a comprehensive agreement that will support economic growth and job creation for both the EU and the US.”