Unlock Business Opportunities with Get Ready for Japan 2024

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is calling for applications for the 7th edition of its programme: Get Ready for Japan.

The programme will comprehensively explore Japanese business practices and communication styles and identify opportunities for successful business partnerships. Additionally, ‘Get Ready for Japan’ will provide insights into the decision-making process within Japanese companies, which will contribute to a better understanding of their negotiation style and hierarchy.

Finally, the programme intends to strengthen existing relationships with Japanese customers and establish new contacts with potential ones, thereby expanding the reach and impact of the business.

Programme Content

The programme consists of two phases.

FOR SMEs and large companies:

The first mandatory phase is an online programme from 17-21 June 2024. During this phase, you will be immersed in various virtual case studies and follow cross-cultural lectures providing deep insights into the Japanese business environment and management practices.

This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions and develop strong relationships with future Japanese partners and clients.

FOR SMEs only:

The second optional phase is an on-site programme in Tokyo from 8-12 July 2024. This week is aimed at SME participants who will have the opportunity to schedule B2B meetings with Japanese companies of interest. These individual company meetings (ICMs) will be supported by the EU-Japan Centre’s head office team and interpreters, allowing SMEs to explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

The number of participants for the on-site programme is limited to 14.

Participant Profile

Typical participants for this programme will be managers and executives, preferably from SMEs based in the European Union or a country associated with the Single Market Programme, SME Pillar.

These individuals will play crucial roles in formulating and executing their organisations’ policies regarding Japan. They might be contemplating relocating to Japan or coming from companies that plan to provide services to Japanese companies. Their objective for taking part will be to learn about the latest management practices and technological developments in Japan.

While large companies may apply, priority will be given to applicants from SMEs.


To be eligible for the Get Ready for Japan programme, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

– The candidate should not have participated in any Get Ready for Japan programme before.

– The candidate should work for an organisation that is a juridical person based in the European Union or a country associated with the Single Market Programme, SME Pillar.

– The employer must support the candidate’s participation in the programme.

– The candidate must be able to participate in the entire first-week online programme.

– The candidate should have a good command of English.

– The candidate must be a manager or an executive from an industrial company.

– The candidate should have proven experience in the industry.


The selection process will consider the participant’s company strategy towards Japan and the candidate’s motivation.


The EU-Japan Centre will cover all the expenses related to training, such as speakers’ fees, room rental, transportation arranged for group activities, and interpreters. All participants are responsible for covering their travel and living expenses in Japan, including accommodation.


Participants who have been selected for the programme are required to pay a deposit of €1000. After they submit a brief post-event report, SME participants are entitled to a refund of the deposit. For large companies, this payment confirms participation in the online training and is non-refundable.

Before applying, please ensure your commitment as cancelling after having confirmed your participation will result in a forfeiture of the deposit.

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