Chuzeday app gives the gift of time to small business owners

Deborah Jordan, former Waterford salon owner and her family moved home to Wexford in 2019. Although seriously ill at the time, and then came all the issues & restrictions of the Covid pandemic, Deborah was given plenty of time to think and reflect.

This resulted in the Wexford woman backing herself and her new business idea ‘Chuzeday’ which is an all-in-one calendar, booking and payment system for small service providers like salons, physios or counsellors (“solo businesses”).

“This idea was something I had in mind around four years prior,” Deborah reveals. “We moved back home to Wexford in 2019. I was very sick at the time and then we had Covid to contend with so I really did have a lot of time to think. I thought a lot of the time I had wasted in my past business.”


“Time is precious,” she says. “I don’t think people who are self-employed truly realise that. You’re so busy that you don’t get a chance to level-up.

“There was a time when I was spending probably eight or ten hours a week just dealing with messages from clients with regards to appointments etc. From my own point of view, you’re doing that when you’re supposed to be putting the kids to bed or making dinner.”

Deborah’s vision was for something that would take the hassle out of making and taking appointments. The vision would become Chuzeday.

“We all work differently since Covid,” she says. “Basically Chuzeday aims to give solo entrepreneurs more time. It works brilliantly for anyone doing one-to-one appointments like a physio or a counsellor.

“I have an 11 and a 14 year-old at home and I was thinking of them when I came up with the idea too. I think young people will really get it. They are born and bred with technology and are used to using it for everything from booking a flight to ordering a pizza.

“Having said that, I do have one user who uses the app for her weekly outing and she’s 82 years of age.”

Chuzeday was officially launched at a special event in Ferrycarrig Hotel recently and Deborah is excited to see it grow.

“There’s a real community element to it and that was something that interested me,” she says. “It’s about people popping on and saying ‘I’m your neighbour. I’m here and I’ve got appointments available for these times’.


Offering a free 30 day trial to businesses, Deborah is hopeful of seeing major growth in the coming months and years. For more information, visit


Pictured: Ian McCabe of the Ferrycarrig Hotel, Wexford and Deborah Jordan at the App launch, both are members of the County Wexford Chamber