Government Must Make Up Irish Water Shortfall – Not Business

Chambers Ireland has today (24/04/14) said that if the Government is to limit the  Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) by setting domestic water tariffs, then it must be prepared to make up any resulting shortfall in funding.

Speaking this morning, Chambers Ireland Deputy Chief Executive Seán Murphy said “By restraining the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in its ability to set domestic water tariffs, the Government is creating a potential shortfall in Irish Water funding. This shortfall cannot be made up by increasing charges to business.”

“The Government has chosen to limit the regulatory power of CER and in doing so must be prepared to contribute funding to Irish Water. One way of doing this is to cover the cost of all water supplies for those who cannot afford it as is currently the system with the TV licence. If the Government wants to secure jobs, then it cannot continue to increase the burden of funding to business,” he concluded.