Hand On Heart Campaign

We  are asking Wexford Chamber Members to share the new (www.hefse.com) website and ask you to like and share the associated facebook campaign – ‘Hand on Heart’

The issue is very relevant for both Wexford business and citizens  – 30% approx of patients attending the cath lab in Waterford are from Wexford area. We have one lab in the whole south east region funded to operate only 37 hours per week while all other regions enjoy 24 /7 cardiac access and have a range of lab options for emergency access.

The HSE and DOH have signalled their intention to close the Waterford lab to emergency access at all times and have refused to invest in the service despite it having the longest cardiac waiting list in the country! This will mandate those suffering heart attack travel to either Dublin or Cork for emergency intervention. This will cost heart muscle for all patients and some will die – this is not my saying it but is the recognised International Care standard that intervention needs to be administered within a 90 minute window to be effective.   This is all about politics and has noting to do with clinical best practice.

There is a lot of support building around this campaign and it is hoped that a large complement of people from Wexford will attend a planned march in Waterford on January 14th 2017.

Please phone Matt Shanahan on 086-2681551 for further information.