Help Save the Travel Industry

During the pandemic, the Travel Industry has been the forgotten Industry.  They really do need your help! The Irish Travel Agents and Tour Operators must be Licensed yearly by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, which is a government body. They are all fully bonded, which means that irrelevant of the outcome, if you have a holiday booked with an Irish licensed Travel Agent or Tour Operator, your Money is safe.  If you book online with an airline or a non Irish online Travel Agent, unfortantly you are not covered by this bond.
The current Irish Government travel advice is to avoid all but essential travel.  However, the Irish Travel Agents have not been able to just hibernate at home, since 16th March, due to the fact that they are trying to facilitate all their existing bookings. They have worked day in and day out throughout the pandemic, rearranging existing clients booking, changing to new dates, cancelling and submitting for refunds and credit vouchers.
By adhering to the Government travel advice not to travel, Irish Travel Agents are unable to trade by making new bookings, which means they have no source of income coming in. Yet they have spent the last 6 months keeping their businesses open at our their expense, electricity, heating, bank charges, stationery, phones and the list goes on and on.
The Government and civil servants, tell them that they should avail of the business supports that are in place, however these business supports are the same supports that exist for businesses that are able to trade. They have not received any additional supports.
They are urging you to please help them fight the Government for funding to save their industry and let them get on with our jobs and send you all on your dream holidays. Travel will happen again and we will need them again!
If you could take a couple of mintues to sign and share their petition to help them survive.
The more signatures, messages on the petition page and shares they get, the better.
Many thanks, the Irish Travel Agents industry really does appreciate it. (no need to donate)
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