Public Engagement & Panel Discussion: How to Run Business Sustainably

Discover the path to sustainable business at our public engagement event featuring a diverse panel discussion from experts from different fields. 

Join the experts from various industries such as food (Danone), agriculture (Carbery Group), marine (BIM), pharmaceutical (MSD) and consumer products (Monkey Reusable Products Ltd) as they share insights into how companies are successfully navigating the realm of sustainability. Learn firsthand about innovative strategies and impactful initiatives that drive positive change towards a better environment.

This event aims to inform the public and fellow researchers on the breath of sustainable practices across industries, inspiring a broader understanding of how businesses can contribute to a more eco-friendly and socially responsible future. Each panellist will give a 10 min presentation on the sustainability journey of their respective companies, followed by a discussion on current and future challenges, policies and sustainable solutions to ensure a better environment.
Be part of the conversation and gain valuable knowledge on the practical steps companies are taking to make a difference.

The event will kick off with a drinks reception and an environmental photography exhibition by Tasneem Khan, the founder of Sea School, Dunmore East. This is an excellent opportunity for the general public to engage with the environmental research community and various businesses, meet SETU colleagues, exchange knowledge and enjoy the social evening before the main Public Engagement Event.

The event is free to attend but registration is required.

Click HERE to register.