SuperValu 2024 Food Academy Programme: Empowering Irish Food Entrepreneurs

SuperValu has just launched its eagerly awaited 2024 Food Academy programme. This initiative, now in its 11th year, invites budding start-up and early-stage food and drink producers from all corners of Ireland to apply. The continued commitment to the Food Academy underscores its profound impact on the local Irish food and drink industry.

The Food Academy stands out as a bespoke business development initiative, backed by SuperValu and the Local Enterprise Office, designed to nurture the growth and sustainability of indigenous businesses. More than just a platform for product showcase, it serves as a testament to the excellence and innovation present in Irish food and drink products.

In the past decade, over 1,000 producers spanning all 26 counties of Ireland have completed the Food Academy programme, collectively generating €230 million in product sales within SuperValu stores and supporting 1,500 jobs in the economy. This remarkable success story is a testament to the programme’s efficacy in supporting local entrepreneurs.

Resources and opportunities

Beyond financial success, the Food Academy offers educational resources and mentorship opportunities, equipping participants with the tools to navigate the complexities of the food retail industry. Moreover, its alignment with consumer trends underscores its relevance in today’s market, emphasising sustainability and locally sourced goods.

Ciara McClafferty, Trading Director at SuperValu, emphasises the programme’s pivotal role in fostering local talent and businesses within the food industry. She encourages all aspiring producers to seize this opportunity to gain invaluable experience and exposure.

Testimonials from entrepreneurs like Dee Schroeder of GoodBrew Coffee, Erica Sheehan of Homespun, and Gerry Scullion of King of Kefir highlight the transformative impact of the Food Academy on their businesses. From turning coffee visions into reality to elevating entrepreneurial skills and adapting to evolving market needs, the programme has been instrumental in their success stories.

Apply for the 2024 Food Academy

For those eager to join this thriving community of food entrepreneurs, applications for the 2024 Food Academy programme are now open. The closing date for applications is April 5th, 2024. Interested individuals can apply through their Local Enterprise Office.

SuperValu’s commitment to supporting local and Irish producers remains unwavering, evident in its continued dedication to initiatives like the Food Academy. As the Irish food and drink industry continues to evolve, the Food Academy stands as a beacon of opportunity, empowering the next generation of culinary innovators to make their mark on the world stage.