Seasonally Adjusted Exports Up 10% in August

82% of Business Believe Reduced Local Authority Charges Will Help Their Bottom Line

Wexford Chamber together with Chambers Ireland has said that the CSO External Trade Figures which reported a seasonally adjusted increase in exports by 10% to €7,767m and 6% increase in imports to €4,068m in August, resulting in a 15% increase in the trade surplus to €3,699m is good news.

Madeleine Quirke, Wexford Chamber Chief Executive said, “Exports have a very important role to play in restoring Ireland’s economic growth. The Government has an opportunity in Budget 2012 to help more businesses to reduce their costs and enhance their productivity and maintain our focus on achieving an internal devaluation within the Euro.”

“82% of Chamber Members surveyed believed that reduced local authority charges will help their business’s bottom line. One way to achieve this is to fully implement the recommendations of the Local Government Efficiency Review Group (LGERG) immediately and pass the savings achieved back to the business community in an appropriately targeted manner,” Quirke concluded.