Wexford Does The Maps

Is your business in the activity / adventure sector? Maybe you run a children’s activity centre, or a tourist attraction. Do you provide after-school activities or maybe you are planning an event such as a music / drama night, a musical or even a festival.

If it is something to see or do, is in County Wexford & you would like to promote your business, we want to hear from you.

LookWhatsOn.ie will run an exciting and novel competition in August called “Wexford Does The Maps”. The competition will be ran across LookWhatsOn and the sponsoring business’ social media accounts.

The concept is this: Each day in August will feature a different business, LookWhatsOn gives a Google Maps Clue leading to somewhere in Wexford with a number (e.g a speed sign with 30km limit) the sponsor business for the day does the same, the public will be asked to find the 2 numbers, add them together and submit the answer in a private email. Simple yet fun.

This competition will be a great way to increase the profile of sponsoring businesses as well as showcasing all the fantastic attractions County Wexford has to offer. It will also be a fun way of getting more followers & interaction on your Social Media accounts as well as gathering very useful information on your target market.

If you would like to be a sponsor business and put your business on the map, please contact Sandra at info@lookwhatson.ie