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Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) Degree Work Placement
Academic Year 2014-2015:

Details for Employers

The Bachelor of Business (Honours) is a full-time four year degree programme. This programme has been in existence for over twenty-five years and attracts many students each year. Students are required to choose one stream from a list of five at the beginning of Year 3. Many students also undertake a Work Placement in the 2nd Semester of Year 3.
1. Accounting
2. Economics and Finance
3. Marketing
4. Human Resources Management
5. Management

The 2015 BBS Placement process will commence in September 2014 and the actual placements begin in early January 2015 for a minimum period of 15 full-time weeks up to a maximum of 8 months.
During work placement, the performance of the students is monitored and appraised both by the employer and the School of Business. Each student is assigned a WIT mentor, a senior lecturer or a member of the work placement team and the employer organisation appoints a work supervisor.

Students are required to keep a learning log which is signed and verified by both the work supervisor and their WIT mentor. The student cannot pass the semester without the employer’s signature on the log. The WIT mentor will visit the student and their work supervisor once during the work placement. On successful completion of their work placements, students return to the Institute to finish their degree.

*Many organisations pay students the minimum wage, although some companies offer a training wage, while others pay expenses, and a few placements may be unpaid.

The process that we follow for placements is as follows:
1. Employers supply details of the placement position to the Work Placement unit (a job description or some bullet points, together with duration, remuneration and preferred stream).
2. We forward student CV’s by e-mail to the employer organisation. CV’s are sent based on student’s specialism and their location preferences. The employer decides those they wish to interview.
3. Normally, most interviews take place at WIT, but they may be held at the employer’s premises if preferable.
4. Following interview, the employer advises WIT of the person(s) to whom they wish to offer a work placement.
5. We convey the job offer to the student(s) who then communicate directly with the employer from that point on, including agreement on a start date. **Students must accept the first job they are offered.
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to telephone or e-mail us;

Joan Mangan jmangan@wit.ie +353 51 306 153
Joe Daly jjdaly@wit.ie +353 51 834 086
Website: www.wit.ie/workplacement