Irish Water set to brief Chambers across the country on water infrastructure development


Chambers Ireland has launched, in conjunction with Irish Water, a series of country-wide briefings on water infrastructure development.

Irish Water representatives, both national and local, will meet with Chambers across the country to outline the work they have achieved in each respective area.  They will also hold a question and answer session after each briefing.

About the briefings:


  1. Mullingar
  2. Cavan
  3. Dun Laoghaire Rathdown
  4. Fingal
  5. Kilkenny
  6. Drogheda
  7. Galway

Welcoming the series, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said, “these briefings will enable Chambers around the country to learn about the business opportunities that a robust water infrastructure will bring to the area.”

“The adequate provision of water has been a challenge facing the business community.  Irish Water has made progress in addressing the infrastructure needs at a local and national level and has ensured that vital infrastructure projects have commenced. Continued improvement to our water infrastructure will be crucial in the coming years as the economy grows and businesses expand.  These briefings will offer businesses the opportunity to learn about the work currently being undertaken and about plans for the future.”

Echoing this sentiment Darragh Murphy Irish Water Business Communications manager said,

“This is a fantastic opportunity to update Chambers and their members on the investment in water services at a national and local level. It’s also an opportunity to connect with businesses to inform them of improvements to service and supply and the proposed regulatory changes in the sector.”