Union position on agency workers will damage employment and the economy

Wexford Chamber in conjunction with Chambers Ireland has called on Unions to support efforts to take cost out of economy rather than drive costs up. The call comes after the breakdown in talks regarding implementation of the Agency Workers Directive.

Speaking this afternoon, John Forde, Chambers Ireland HR Policy Council Chair and Wexford Chamber Board Member said, “we clearly need responsible management of the economy and everyone must play their part. The principle of equal treatment for all workers must be accompanied by a qualifying period to ease pressure on businesses and enable flexibility, particularly for those companies seeking to hire agency workers on a short term basis. If we do not have flexibility, then companies will simply not hire staff.”

“Unions need to be mindful of our collective need to facilitate work and employment in the economy, their current negotiating position on Agency workers will lead to destruction of jobs and opportunities” Forde concluded.